Middlesex County Freeholders Meeting - 3/15/18


As Youth Take Action on Gun Violence, Rutgers Accused of Hypocrisy

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—In the weeks leading up to thousands of high school students across the country walking out in support of gun control and school safety, many colleges have felt the need to publicly take a side in the debate.

The Hub City was the site of five different protests at K-12 schools on March 14 with overwhelming support from the school district.  However, that was not the case in every school district, as some threatened to suspend those who walked out.

Labor Group’s Conference Punctuated by Fight For $15 Protest

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—On Friday, February 23 at least 200 protestors showed solidarity for the broader labor movement in the United States, marching from College Avenue to Albany Street, and then to Rutgers President Robert Barchi’s office to support the push for a $15 per hour minimum wage for all Rutgers campus workers.

New Brunswick Planning Board Meeting - 3/12/18


Superintendent: “No Comment” on Principal Suspended With Pay

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—An elementary school principal has been suspended for over a month, but officials with the district have declined to say why.

Jose Negron has served as principal of the Livingston Elementary School since October 12, 2011, according to public records, but he is no longer serving in the position since his recent suspension.

Negron continues to collect an annual salary of $140,068, even while he is not serving as principal.  It's unclear who has replaced him as the school's leader during the suspension.

Under Fire For Steep Legal Bills, NBHA Boosts Law Firm’s Contract 150%

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—On February 28, the city's embattled Housing Authority Board voted unanimously to approve an additional $60,000 for the same law firm that has billed them more than $201,844 since 2015.

The vote came six days after this newspaper reported that Manfredi & Pellechio charged the New Brunswick Housing Authority (NBHA) more than five times their legal budget last year.

County Spending Over $600,000 on Security Upgrades at Administration Building

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The Middlesex County government closed down a cafeteria that was open to the public as part of a reconfiguration to accomodate $638,241 in "security upgrades."

The front desk where visitors sign in has also been relocated as part of the changes, and now there only one single chair available for public use in the area.

A new entrance to the "Freeholder meeting room," where many public meetings are held, also will be constructed to accommodate the security system, according to county officials.

Security Guard Tries to Stop Photography in County Administration Building


More Candidates Than Ever Before on Board of Education Ballot

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—A record-high seven candidates have filed to run for seats on the New Brunswick Board of Education (BOE) in the upcoming April 17 election.

Business Administrator Richard Jannarone confirmed on March 5 that all seven are qualified to run, and will therefore appear on the ballot.

The top three finishers in the seven-way race will win three-year terms on the nine-member board.

Rutgers Board Uses Cops to Keep Some Protesters Out of Meeting

NEWARK, NJ—University police officers restricted some people from attending the February 7 meeting of one of the governing boards that oversees Rutgers University.

The Board of Governors' (BOG) public meeting, just one of six regular meetings scheduled this year, was held on the school's Newark campus at the Paul Robeson Campus Center.

But the way the room was configured, it could not hold all of those who wanted to attend and police kept a tight limit on the number of audience members.

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